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14 Must-Have African Print Tops – Then Let’s Talk Fashion

Getting a good top will obviously make your fashion a lot more stylish. African print tops are therefore a very insightful way to amp up your wardrobe. Below are some designs you can check out and possibly make part of your style fixture.

African Print Tops That Easily Accentuate Your Style

1. Cut-Out Bell Top

Pairing African print tops with denim is definitely always a win. It brings together a chic and sleek fashion outlook that’s irresistibly gorgeous and fun to wear. The cut-out top is a fun-themed weekend look that clearly stands out.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: IvyMarshalls

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2. Print Vest Top

Sometimes elegance comes in the most colorful of designs. This African print top gives a sexy and also cute fashion bearing when paired with the ripped jeans. This look similarly goes well in an out and about mood especially when you want to keep things fun and chic.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Pinterest

3. Dashiki Print Top

If you are a going for a formal yet edgy fashion appeal then this is the top for establishing exactly that. It is, in essence, a classic shirt design with a glorious African print structure for that sexy modern look. You can pair this with denim pants or even a skirt to get that stunning finesse.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Aliexpress

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4. One-Shoulder Print Top

A bit of a wild touch is what this top clearly adds to your outfit. Paired with denim or even neutral colored pants, it’s a fashionably upbeat piece. It’s the ultimate weekend outlook and also among the sexiest African print tops designs in the trend.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops


5. Butterfly Designer Print Blouse

A bit of an edge to an otherwise classic design makes an overhaul on this top. It brightens the outfit’s appeal and makes it a chic formal look. The beautiful part about it is that it can also be worn casually and accessorized in an infinite number of ways.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops


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6. Wing-Sleeved Top

Getting a perfect top to match a bright skirt can be a quite adventurous stylish pursuit. Opting for a flowery winged African print top also gives you an elegantly yet simple style option. It’s a great red carpet look and also goes well when accessorized with a bit of jewelry.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Pinterest

7. Cut Out Fold Print Top

When you want to get your freak on, of course, fashion wise, you go for a cut out top. This design, for instance, gives you not only that much-needed edge but also a unique African feel. It’s a great weekend outlook and fairly easy to pull off.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Faraitoday

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8. Wrap Print Tops

Wrap blouse are among African print tops most fully fledged style pieces. They have a lovely detailed design that goes well no matter the occasion or even mood. When paired with pants they create a sophisticated look on a surprisingly graceful style.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Bellanaija

9. Off-Shoulder Top

Sleeve tops are clearly the reason why edginess and sophistication go so well. This African print flowery style is clearly a fabulous way to accentuate your style. It’s similarly has a flowing theme around it that makes any outfit you pair it with to feel sporty.

Source: Allthingsmamma

Source: Allthingsmamma

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10. The Crop Short Sleeved Top

The simplicity in this one is just to drool for. It has the distinctly beautiful way to make a style statement in your outfit. It can be paired with ethnic-themed jewelry and also neutral colored pants for that homely stylish appeal. This is great date look and will most definitely give you a flawless appeal.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: thriftainstainthecity

11. Breast Plate Print Top

The wonder in this one is essentially a lovely touch on a clearly sexy look. The over the top blouse is indeed a flawlessly lovely way to make a sexy fashion forward statement look. The casual nature of it makes ideal for evenings out and events that need a flare to your style emphasis.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Allthingsankara

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12. The Tube Print Top

You can get away with a lot, fashion-wise if you have a sexy top in a lovely outfit. This print gem is a gorgeous way to pair up with a high waist pant. It’s a fresh urban look that gives you an intensely fashionable scope that’s undeniably great on a casual day.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Pinterest

13. Pleat-Elbowed Print Top

A little touch of contrast patterns is one of the cutest designs in African print tops. It, for instance, has a way of making your outfit a stunning African-themed look. Not only can it work perfectly casually but you can also prime it with formal pants for a formal look.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops


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14. Off-Shoulder Sleeve Crop Top

If you are going out on a warm day and stylishness is top on your priorities, then this will definitely have you covered. It’s a cute yet edgy design that gives you an unlimited stylish option to bring out that sexy touch to your outfit.

14 Must-Have African Print Tops

Source: Madivas

African print tops are no doubt a superbly chic way to get your style prowess on. The above designs no doubt give you options to experiment and also find your signature looks.


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