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African Print Formal Attire

As we have mentioned earlier, the African print fabric is the trendiest and most sought after fabric in the current fashion scene in Africa and even globally. It’s absolutely stylish and can be used to design outfits for both casual and even formal purposes. Today we focus on the formal attire. While choosing an African print fabric for a formal outfit, ensure the colors and prints and subtle for it have a complete formal feel. Here are a few African print formal attires that you could try.

1. Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt design is the latest formal outfit that every woman ought to have and having it in the African print fabric just makes it even classier.

Rock the African print pencil skirt with a formal blouse or chiffon it will look even better if the colors go well together. Pair this look with a fabulous pair of heels and a statement hand bag.

African Print Formal Attire Pencil Skirt

Source: Grassfield

2. Blazer

Blazers add more class and style to any outfit whether formal or casual depending on how it is styled. Now getting a blazer made of the african print fabric takes it a notch higher.

You can pair the blazer with a jumpsuit, pencil skirt or khaki trousers for a unique formal look. Style this look with a pair of comfortable heels and a good hand bag to go with it.

African Print Formal Attire Pencil Cape Blazer

Source: Pinterest

3. Skirt and blazer suit

Did you know you could have the most gorgeous formal outfit made from the african print fabric? Well, now you know. This suit is perfect for those days where you are looking to make an impression at work.

Ensure the colors and prints are subtle. A flashy pair of heels and a statement hand bag will come in handy for this look.

African Print Formal Attire Skirt and Blazer Suit

Source: Pinterest

4. Skater dress

Skater dresses are slowly becoming great outfit for both work and casual events. You just need to know what colors and designs of the skater are great for work or casual activities.

The formal African print skater dress is unique yet very stylish. Rock it with a pair of pump heels and a classy hand bag for an edgy look.

African Print Formal Attire Skater Dress

Source: Fashionjunky

5. Blazer and trouser suit

A woman in a trouser suit is easily taken to be a woman who knows her worth, smart and automatically commands respect from her colleagues across the board.

This gets even better if her trouser suit is made of the Ankara fabric as it screams of a daring woman who isn’t afraid of taking risks. Looking to make an impression then this is the outfit for you with classy heels and handbag.

African Print Formal Attire Blazer and Trouser Suit

Source: Stylesart

6. Pencil dress

Dresses are great for work and they allow you to be a beautiful working woman. You can still keep your womanly look and command your presence in the board roam. However, nothing screams madam boss like a pencil dress and even better, one made from the African print fabric.

The pencil dress is absolutely gorgeous and goes well with a nice pair of classy heels and handbag.

African Print Formal Attire Pencil Dress

Source: Shacara

7.African print Jumpsuit

Rocking a jumpsuit to work is daring enough but wearing an african print jumpsuit to work exudes confidence and independence. Rock your jumpsuit with a dark colored blazer, pair of pump heels and a classy bag for an edgy and classy look.

African Print Formal Attire Jumpsuit

Source: Fashionte

8. African print tops

Wondering what to pair your formal trousers and skirt with? Well, how about an african print peplum top, or a normal african print blouse? The african print tops give your outfit more glamor while still maintaining the formal look. Rock these outfits with a nice pair of comfortable heels.

African Print Formal Attire Print Tops

Source: Grassfields


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