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African Print Evening Dresses -10 Ostentatiously Stylish Dresses

The African print fabric is by far the most popular fabrics in Africa and the outfits keep improving every other day. There are many designs to be made from the African print fabric and of late, the fabric has been used to design evening dresses for different occasions and it has not been a disappointment so far. Here are a few African print evening dresses for any occasion.

Rock in These African Print Evening Dresses – Love Them!

1. Mermaid dress

The mermaid dress is characterized by the flare design at the bottom of the dress which takes the shape of a mermaid tail. The dresses are elegant and can be worn to dinners or red carpet events. To accessorize the African mermaid evening dress, you have to go on minimal and elegant accessories.

African Evening Dresses Designs

Source: FashionGhana

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2. The strapless  mini dress

The strapless dress usually has no straps showing off the neckline. The dress design can be long or short but the secret is to ensure it still maintains it’s elegant design. The bare neckline allows you to accessorize with statement neck pieces or earrings.

African Evening Dresses Designs

Source: Abbiefashions.tictail

3. Turtleneck dress

The turtleneck dashiki takes the design of a pulled neck and covers up your neckline. The dress could be sleeveless or with long sleeves according to your liking. The dress could flow freely or could have a mermaid design at the bottom just to spice it up. Make sure your hair is held up in a bun to get to show is beauty around the neckline

African Evening Dresses Designs

Source: Aliexpress

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4. High-low

The high-low dresses are yet another African evening dress that you could wear to a dinner or a red carpet event. To spice it up a little, you could add a few embroideries and patterns on the front part and also ensure the dress is flowy all the way to the bottom except the front part which is meant to be high.

African Evening Dresses Designs

Source: JustJoyKendi

5. Wrap round dresses

The wrap round dresses make beautiful African print evening dresses. Having them flow to the bottom and having a ribbon or two to accentuate it make it even more glamorous. The dress looks great on the plus size woman and allows one to add on a few accessories.

African Evening Dresses Designs

Source: Pinterest

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6. One hand dress

The one hand African evening dress has become more popular over time as it brings out the best look. The dress could be flowy or body hugging from the belly downwards. If you like more glamor, you could go for one with a mermaid bottom to accentuate the whole look.

African Evening Dresses Designs


7. Butterfly dress

The butterfly dress as the name goes takes the form of a butterfly. The dresses are comfortable to be in and need a little more styling and accessorizing to pass for an evening dress. Going for the extremely bright colored fabric may not be a great idea after all for an evening dress since the design is already dramatic.

African print Evening Dresses Designs


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8. Off shoulder

The off shoulder dress usually, has the over the shoulder part at the edges of the shoulder leaving a bare neckline which allows you to accessorize with statement earring or neck pieces. The dresses could either flow freely to the bottom or be a bit tighter to complement the African woman body shape.

African Evening Dresses Designs

Source: Pinterest

9. Round dress

The round dresses take the shape of a ballroom or what is popularly known as the Cinderella dress. The dress can adorn any design at the shoulder area as long as it remains round.

African Evening Dresses Designs

Source: Pinterest

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10. Bareback dress

The bareback is one of the most popular African print evening dresses and is usually open at the back hence its name. the dress can be that of a different design as long as the back remains open.

African print evening dresses

Source: Pinterest

These African print evening dresses offer you the ultimate look to grace any evening occasion. Pair the dresses with heels, which can be open toe or pointed, to complete your desired look. It’s terrific!


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