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14 African Fashion Styles Your Girlfriend Needs To Have

Nowadays, being prepared fashion-wise not only means having the trendiest but also the unique pieces. If she has an African feel to her style, then your girlfriend aces it. With different African fashion trends, choosing the right pick is evidently overwhelming. There are of course must have African fashion styles that would skyrocket her style appeal and among them are;

Stunning African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

1. The Mermaid Print Dress

This flare piece is the essential traditional design with a clear chic touch. This is a lovely way for those family occasions and friendly events that you take her too. It’s a beautiful conservative yet awesome African fashion style.

Kitenge Designs for Plus Size

Source: Pinterest

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2. The Boyfriend Kitenge Jacket

Yeah, there is such a thing as a boyfriend kitenge jacket. This fashion jewel is especially useful for a night out and perhaps a casual dinner date where you want to keep it casual and fresh. It’s the ‘Who’s that girl?’ coolness look that turns heads.

Kitenge jacket - African fashion styles

Source: Pinterest

3. The Overlap Jacket

This is one versatile and cool fashion piece that so trendy right now. Overlap jackets are traditionally in a two piece suit but are fluid enough to go with denim pants any day. This African fashion style gives her that gorgeous awesome feel.

african overlap jackets - African fashion styles

Source: Sincerely MissJ

4.The Shorty Shorts

These shorts are among sassy African fashion styles that speak in ways that are just complete eye candy. Paired with an equally sassy top and the result is nothing short of explosive. Yeah, it’s definitely for the casual occasions but will also have her standing out,in style.

 African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

Source: Mpasho

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5. The African Shirt Dress

This is one of the most unique ways in owning it within the realm of African fashion styles. It is also a very unique and inspiring since it is a one piece that has the fullness of both a top and skirt all rolled into one.

 African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

Source: Pinterest

6. The Asymmetrical Print Outfit

This is as set of print top and skirt offering an intentional way of layering style in a simple design. It takes the natural layout of a dress and adds a fitting dimension that is just chic. Not only does it have that flowing sexy feel but it’s also a great way to spice things up.

 African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

Source: Pinterest

7. The Wrap Maxi

So there’s wrap skirts that have a give you goosebumps and others that have you asking where you can buy them. This is definitely in both categories. It is a sexy African maxi that also has a modern dazzle. This will no doubt have you proud that she’s yours.

printed maxi wrap

Source: Pinterest

8. The Pant Prints

These pants are a retro and therefore unique for her to spruce up her wardrobe. They has the simplicity of proper fashion pants and the burst of African clothes styles. They are  both stylish and a sexy fashion statement especially with the back crop top.

 African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

Source: Pinterest

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9. The Kaftan Dress

This is clearly one of the cutest and also most unique African print styles that are trending right now. Besides having a great design and shape it is also a versatile way for her to be simple yet stylish all day. Both long and short African Kaftan dresses are wonderful.

 African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

10. The Print Jumpsuit

There’s something refined about a proper African style jumpsuit. Maybe it’s in the way it can be baggy or fitting and still make fashion sense. Or maybe it’s the way it just stands out. Either way, it’s a great piece that your girlfriend ought to own.

 African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

Source: Pinterest

11. The Leather in Print Dress

This one takes us places people, fashion places. Here we see what happens when leather meet African awesomeness. The dress will go beyond just making a style impact, it will make you glad that she’s in your presence.

leather print - African fashion styles

Source: Arachnid Creations

12. The Partial Bare-Back Sleeveless Dress

This list wouldn’t have been complete without us adding this one. There’s a lot that can be said about mini’s African fashion styles but it’s all down to the design. The level of intricacy in this one is both flattering and seductively chic. It’s also a lovely fashion gem.


Source: Pinterest

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13. The Head Scarf 

The lovely part of a head scar comes in it’s fluid style power. It can be both a hair accessory and also a style piece. A good scarf is a lovely style statement as well as a way to make her outfit have that innate African feel.

 African Fashion Styles for Your Girlfriend

Source: Whyiwearskirts

14. Print Leggings Suit

This two-piece speaks of glam in a bold and edgy way. It has both the awesome burst in African fashion styles and the sexiness of a trendy outfit. This outfit will not only give off a confident aura but also make a clear distinction from others in a fashionable way.


Source: Pinterest

Latest and trending African clothes styles are ever hitting the fashion market and you just can’t disregard them. These cute African fashion styles will allow you to savor the untapped vogue the African prints process.


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