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10 African Dress Patterns and Number # Suits Your Figure and Style

African dress patterns and styles offer a wide range of super fresh looks. These fit any figure and also the occasion that you intend on. They not only have lovely designs but also offer ways of bringing a natural appeal to your style. Some of these lovely African dresses that take your fashion to a whole new level are featured below.

Adorable African Dress Patterns for Your Figure and Style

1. The Colorful Black Dress

This is sleeveless African gem that is not only classy but a simply irresistible look. Its strong points include the way it’s mellow African print contrast the black layout. This is a lovely dress for not only stepping out but also being chic in a unique fashion piece.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Pinterest

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2. The Single Strap Mer-Maxi

This is a stunning curvaceous design on an African dress pattern. It simultaneously has an edgy design and moreover a perfect print set up. It’s also has a harmonious symmetry that specifically makes it an awesome fashion forward piece.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Pinterest

3. The Dark Floral Mini Dress

If you are going for an edgy and unique African dress style then this piece is for you. It’s a pint-sized fashion piece that will also have you in a style zone of your own. The floral print on a dark background also gets more interesting with the lacy highlights on the shoulders.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Fashionqe

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4. The Lined Print Dress

The most beautiful aspect of a black themed dress is because of its versatility. This petite black with a hint of African print on the center is indeed a clear reflection of that. This dress gives you a chic style emphasis and is also easy to pull off the look.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Ankcara

5. The Plus Size Mini Gown

This African pattern is great if you are plus size. It gives a slimming chic and also an adventurous aspect to your style. The best part about this one is that it’s a neutral base print meaning that you can accessorize it a wide range of ways.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Pinterest

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6. The Dressy Shirt Dress

This one definitely had to make it onto our list. It combines the formal chicness of a shirt with the sexiness of a mini dress. The pattern design on this dress is also a stylish blend of modern and classic styles. It is undoubtedly a unique style suggestion for you to try out.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Stylenon

7. The Mermaid Gold Dress

Mermaid dresses are the queens of African clothing pattern glam. This dress, in particular, is intended for that statement look on a glossy occasion. It has a gold highlight that certainly makes the black come together stylishly.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Selectastyle

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8. The Multi Print Mini

This dress gives you a simple yet definitive look that is also intensely chic. It brings a sexy appeal to an African dress pattern that is no doubt a fashion win.The subtle pleat design is also a lovely design glimpse that is just awesome.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Fashionly

9.The Bubbly Brown Mini

This lays down a bold color scheme to an otherwise basic design. This flawless designer mini has that fickle touch that you can own no matter the occasion. It is in short a beautiful style statement that you can’t go wrong with.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Amillionstyles

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10. The Peplum Sleeveless Print

Wrap skirts and dresses are a trendy and classy way of creating a stylish fashion statement. This piece, in particular, has both a fresh detailed African dress pattern and a trendy layout that you can’t just ignore. The belt works both as a functional piece and a style accessory in itself.

10 African Dress Patterns and Number

Source: Newfashionz

So no matter your style or figure the above African dress patterns will no doubt offer you a perfect design palette to experiment. Also, try accessorizing with the dresses and see what work for you.


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