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7 Popular Perfumes for Women

Whether you’ve never purchased a perfume before or are looking to replace your old favorite with a new one, selecting one that suits you best may be very challenging. Maybe, you would like a fruity one or maybe a floral. Would a muskier one be the best one for you? It’s all a matter of personal preference, and it certainly will take time. Perhaps, one of these popular perfumes for women might be the perfect choice for you.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

EurophiaIf you believe a perfume should possess a sensual, glamorous and sexy scent, Euphoria captivates all three and is one of the most popular perfumes for women and perhaps the perfect perfume for you. The mixture of exotic fruits and seductive florals including the rare black orchid will bring you into an exciting world filled with your most intimate dreams. You can be provocative with this scent of seduction and temptation like no other.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

We know all about Sarah Jessica Parker’s obsession with fashion and style. So, why wouldn’t she seek out her own lovelysignature scent that would be both classy and sexy? Well, that’s exactly what her fragrance is besides being one of the most popular perfumes for women. Together with Coty, Inc., Sarah introduced her easily recognizable fragrance that is exactly as she wanted by its not being overpowering.

This fragrance said to be a “silky white amber” is both modern and charming. It has classic fragrances as well as an elegant characteristic. Its fragrance boasts of a splash of citruses, a touch of lavender, daffodil, orchid and apple martini. According to Sarah, the perfume is perfect for anyone from 17 to 107. Being suited for all generations and makes it one of the most popular perfumes for women.

Eternity by Calvin Klein

eternity for womenAs an international sensation since its 1988 release, Eternity has been one of the most popular perfumes for women. It spouts a harmonious fusion of flowers, spices, exotic fruits and amber creating an intoxicating aroma of wonderful sensations and smells. The perfume seems to evoke the beauty and romance of a fashionable woman.

Michael Kors by Michael Kors

When it comes to the most popular perfumes for women, this fragrance michael korsby Michael Kors is certainly one of them. It is no surprise since its comfortable and luxurious feel seems to be adored by today’s sophisticated women. Traditional and exotic scents are combined to form a unique sensuality in this perfume’s fragrance.

Obsession By Calvin Klein

obsessionObsession is one of the most popular perfumes for women and a fragrance that is impossible to forget. Its scent exudes a sense of confidence as well as poise. Notes of mandarin orange, a blend of peach, a glint of bergamot, vanilla and a tiny hint of basil are what make this fragrance a most distinctive fragrance from Calvin Klein.

Beyonce Heat by Beyonce

beyonce heatBy setting free a gal’s unique and powerful sensuality and an air of mystery that is both sexy and elegant, Beyonce Heat is one of the most popular perfumes for women. This fragrance was especially created for the self-assured woman. The woman who is fearless to both desire and being desired is the woman wearing Beyonce Heat.

Women’s Fantasy by Britney Spears

women fantasy
Britney Spears’s pop songs have been heard around the world since 1992. Soon after she became famous with her singing, Britney started her own brand of perfume. Her perfumes were created with the idea of imitating her celebrity lifestyle with scents that are both delicate and fresh creating one of the most popular perfumes for women.


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