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6 Popular Designer Perfumes on the Market

Wearing the fragrances of top designers can be a very elite affair. Your perfume or cologne can reflect your individuality, personality and style. A fragrance can also play a role in creating attraction as well as first impressions. By offering familiarity with their brand or trademark, designer perfumes have been leaders in the perfume market for years.

When shopping for a designer fragrance, you should be sure to try a sample for a test. When testing a perfume, you should wait a few seconds after applying the perfume before taking a whiff. This will help you to determine the designer perfume you want to buy. You might start your search for the best fragrance for you with these popular designer perfumes.

Popular Designer Perfumes on the Market

1. Chanel Allure Sensuelle

If a lighter scent perfume is what you prefer, one of the most popular designer perfumes might be the one for you. Chanel’s Allure Sensuelle, created in 2005 by Jacques Polge, parades fruit, floral and citrus features using subtle oriental notes. Mandarin, bergamot and pink pepper form the top notes of the fragrance. The heart of the scent is created by a bouquet of rose, iris and jasmine with candied fruits.

chanel allure

2. Cartier Baiser Vole

The French meaning of Baiser Volé is “Stolen Kiss”. According to Cartier, Baiser Volé is an expression of love. It is a story told through a lily, a most rare and feminine flower of pure passion. This fresh and pure floral fragrance captures the scent of the lily flower with a note of Bourbon vanilla creating a balanced sweetness to its scent and one of the most popular designer perfumes.

cartier baiser







3. Saffron James L’a

With this perfume, Saffron James has lived up to his reputation of exotic scents, and the Le’a perfume is not only exotic but also one of the most popular designer perfumes. Capturing the essence of delicate Hawaiian flowers makes this fragrance perfect for women who love the lighter side of life. The floral scent combination creates a lighthearted and fresh feeling. 66 Nordstrom customer reviews rated this perfume with five stars.

saffron james

4. Guerlain Samsara

Jean Paul Guerlain developed this tantalizing and floral, oriental perfume in 1989. Within its brilliant red bottle is a sophisticated, sensual and woodsy fragrance. This perfume suits both romantic evening dates as well as everyday use making it one of the most popular designer perfumes. It is a harmonious blend of totally natural essences that include sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang, and tonka bean.

Guerlain samara

5. Angel by Thierry Mugler

This work of art was designed to defy the laws of gravity in the Angel universe and to serve as a majestic container for Angel perfume to be refilled forever. Created by Thierry Mugler, Angel arouses memories and emotions of tender childhood and passionate and sensual notes as well. Angel was the winner of the FiFi Award Hall of Fame in 2007, and this fragrance certainly has been one of the most popular designer perfumes over the years.

Angle by thierry

6. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

The art of perfume brings timeless craftsmanship and innovation together to create Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana perfume. This delicate fragrance exudes of the scents of freshly picked flowers of Sicily. The vintage fragrance flacon of clear glass with soft, curved lines forms a contemporary design. The stopper in the shape of a white flower is a reminder of the old Sicilian custom when Sicilian confections created marzipan sculptures. The finishing touch is the Dolce signature in black script replicating Domenico Dolce’s father’s signature. This fragrance is a beautiful tribute to Sicilian culture and one of the most popular designer perfumes.

Dolce & gabbana









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