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2018 Fashion Trends and Predictions for Fashionistas to Follow

Are you eager to update your wardrobe based on the 2018 fashion trends forecast and elevate what we’re sure is already a stunningly authentic look with some new beauty tips? Then brace yourselves, ladies, because we’re about to dive into some of the most beloved predictions for the upcoming seasons, and then the ball is in your court, so you can show us how you’d wear these lovely trends!

1. Oily and beautiful

2018 Fashion Trends and Predictions for Fashionistas to Follow

Remember how we used to use oils only as a part of our hair masks when we’d mix in the rich olive oil with a raw egg yolk and some honey? Well, going natural is the theme of the party called 2018, and in it, the key character to look out for will be your favorite, skin and hair-friendly oil! An all-time favorite is definitely moringa oil, but you can take your pick from a slew of other, equally nourishing liquid accessories for your skincare routine.

These lush drops are meant to keep your skin supple, cleanse and moisturize at the same time, and of course, protect your precious locks from all sorts and levels of damage. Not to mention that some of these, such as jojoba oil, smells absolutely divine!

2. Footwear frenzy

2018 Fashion Trends and Predictions for Fashionistas to Follow

Yes, statement earrings have been and always will be every gal’s best style friend in haste, but when it comes to the upcoming months, you’ll want to put your best foot forward in terms of elevating your look. And with feminine footwear, no less!

Sequins, pearls, fun cuts, patterns, tassel, you name it, you’ll find in on your feet. They can be subtle and delicate, or loud and bold, but they sure as hell plan to be in the center of attention wherever you go. Mix 2018’s beloved velvet and this sparkly trend, and you’ll hit the jackpot.

3. Massive lashes

2018 Fashion Trends and Predictions for Fashionistas to Follow

Now, these will raise some eyebrows, if you know what I mean. We’re no longer talking about simply using a mighty mascara or putting on a vivacious pair of lash extensions, but the latest 2018 fashion trends that combine the natural curve of your lashes and gives them an extra lush punch: tinting and lifting!

It can last for weeks on end, although the effects will slowly fade towards the end, and for a single session, your eyes will be completely transformed. And that’s how the whole world will get twitterpated with you in a few winks’ time. Let not the long-lasting effects intimidate you, though – even if you somehow don’t like the results, they will inevitably fade away, but without the pain of removing waterproof mascara or sticky extensions.

4. Delicious patterns

2018 Fashion Trends and Predictions for Fashionistas to Follow

If Pantone’s UltraViolet is anything to go by, we should expect a year filled with fun, innovative, daring color combinations and tons of room for experimenting. It’s time to ditch your black and white comfort zone and start wearing colorful women’s clothing that will embody your own character and give your style a touch of authenticity.

Think about vibrant tunics that blend sunny yellows, royal blues, and vibrant oranges all into a single piece that can be effortlessly combined with your favorite pair of jeans and you’ll only be one red lipstick away from dazzling. Simplicity doesn’t mean monotony – still, make sure you keep your wardrobe versatile and fun!

5. Think clean thoughts

2018 Fashion Trends and Predictions for Fashionistas to Follow

In the spirit of the moringa oil, but also matcha tea and spirulina smoothies, green will be the beauty way of 2018. It’s time to clean out the chemically filled bottles of sulfates, silicones, phthalates and other toxic ingredients and replace them with all-natural goodies that aim to protect your health and bring out your natural radiance.

What’s more, with greater transparency and growing support for the cruelty-free movements, your makeup and skincare will likely no longer be damaging in any part of the making or using process. And fortunately, the same goes for sustainable, green-oriented fashion!

2018 Fashion Trends

With the year so young, you should expect more exciting and fashionable trends. This post is just a tip of the iceberg. Whatever your style and fashion choices, brace yourself for a new look this year. Determine what 2018 fashion trends suit you, and don’t be afraid to experiment different styles.


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